Law #5: The Cure Can Be Worse Than The Disease

The disease is already bad. The cure makes it worse.

The long-term consequence of applying non-systemic solutions is increased need for more of the solution. Alcoholism is one instance.

Why does it happen? Why would we apply a cure and makes the disease worse than it already is? In medical spheres, that would be a misdiagnosis.

When does a misdiagnosis occur?

Did you say, when we did not understand the cause of the disease.

It is the same with systemic issues. When we apply linear causal thinking to identifying solutions to what is inherently a systemic issue and therefore require a non-linear or a circular causal thinking approach, we are inherently misdiagnosing the issue.

Take a look at the Urgent File case study? What does it look like should be apply the understanding of this law to the case?