Pre-session Pop Quiz #1

Take the following quick quiz to assess your
understanding of the work of the five disciplines.

#QuestionYour Response
1.In a shared vision, the organisation must strive to align its actions to that set by senior management. Those who do are rewarded. Those who do not are punished.True / False
2.Mindset is a sign of indiscipline and must, therefore, be corrected and if not correctable (coachable), the next step is to remove the owner (of the mindset).True / False
3.When an organization’s performance slows down, the reason for the obstacle to progress must be identified and removed.True / False
4.The leader of a Learning Organization is not a facilitator, trainer or a steward. He is the captain and sets the direction and
expects everyone to toe the line.
True / False
5.The works of a Learning Organization is led by the coach/trainer.True / False
6.We do not need to know or use all of the disciplines. Use them as we see fit.True / False
7.Big results would need big changes.True / False
8.There is no way, or it takes too long to change what I do not have control over.True / False
9.Systems Thinking is meant for use only by the process designers.True / False
10.The mark of a true leader is in navigating his ship through treacherous waters and coming on top always.True / False

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