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Advanced Beginner


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Advanced Beginner



1.First, Break all the Rules
What the World’s Greatest Managers Do Differently
Marcus Buckingham & Curt Coffman © 1999Simon and Schuster Inc.0-684-86138-0
2.From Chaos to Centre
A training guide in the art of centring
Judith S, Warner © 1999Aiki Works, Inc.1-887803-10-3
3.Glorious Leadership:
A holistic approach to Achieving Leadership Mastery and Worklife Balance
Steve Morris © 2002Lotus Bloom981-04-4926-7
4.The Lemming Dilemma
Living with Purpose, Leading with Vision
David Hutchens © 2000Pegasus Communications, Inc.1-883823-45-5
The Little Girl at the Window
Tetsuko Kuroyanagi © 1999Kodansha International Ltd.4-7700-2594-7

Advanced Beginner

S/N NAME OF BOOKAuthorPublisher/SourceISBN
1.Journey to Centre
Lessons in Unifying Body, Mind and Spirit
Thomas F Crum  © 1997Fireside Rockefeller Centre0-684-83922-9
2.The Inner Game of WorkW. Timothy Gallwey © 2000Random House, Inc.0-375-75817-8[
3.The Path of Least Resistance
Leading to Become the Creative Force in Your Own Life
Robert Fritz © 1984, 1989Ballantine Books0-449-90337-0


S/N NAME OF BOOK AuthorPublisher/SourceISBN
1.Breakpoint and Beyond
Mastering the Future Today
George Land and Beth Jarman © 1992HarperCollinsPublishers, Inc.0-88730-547-4
2.Built to Last
Successful habits of Visionary Companies
James C. Collins and Jerry I. Porras © 1994HarperCollins Publisher, Inc.0-88730-671-3
3.Leading the RevolutionGary Hamel © 2000, 2002Plume0-42-28524-8
4.Relinking Life and Work
Towards a Better Future
Rhona Rapoport, Lotte Bailyn,Deborah Kolb and Joyce K Fletcher © 1997Pegasus Communications, Inc.
5.Spirited Leading and Learning

Process Wisdom for a New Age

Peter B. Vaill © 1998Jossey-Bass Publishers0-7879-4327-4
6.The Heart Aroused
Poetry and the Preservation of The Soul in Corporate America
David Whyte © 1994,1996Doubleday9-385-48418-6
7.The Path of Least Resistance for Managers
Designing Organisations to Succeed
Robert Fritz  © 1999Berrett-Koehler Publishers, Inc.1-57675-065-5
8.To the Desert and Back

The Story of one of the Most Dramatic Business Transformations on Record

Philip Mairvis, Karen Ayas, George Roth @ 2003Jossey-Bass Publishers0-7879-6677-0



S/N NAME OF BOOK AuthorPublisher/SourceISBN
1.The Lemming Dilemma
Living with Purpose, Leading with Vision
David Hutchens © 2000Pegasus Communications, Inc.1-883823-45-5

Advanced Beginner

S/N NAME OF BOOK AuthorPublisher/SourceISBN
1.Good to Great
Why some companies make the leap ,,, and others don’t
Jim Collins © 2001HarperCollins0-06-662099-6
2.The Fifth Discipline Fieldbook
Strategies and tools for building a Learning Organisation
Peter Senge, et al. © 1994Nicholas Brealey Publishing1-85788-060-9


S/N NAME OF BOOK AuthorPublisher/SourceISBN
1.Appreciative Inquiry
Collaborating for Change
David L Cooperrider and Diana Whitney © 1999Berrett-Koehler Communications, Inc.1-58376-044-X



S/N NAME OF BOOK AuthorPublisher/SourceISBN
1.Shadows of the Neanderthal
Illuminating the Beliefs That Limit Our Organisations
David Hutchens © 1999Pegasus Communications, Inc.1-883823-30-7
2.Who Moved My Cheese?
An Amazing Way to Deal with Change In Your Work and In Your Life
Dr Spencer Johnson © 1998Vermilion0-09-181-697-1

Advanced Beginner

S/N NAME OF BOOK AuthorPublisher/SourceISBN
Understand the Future In Business and Life
Joel Arthur Barker © 1992William Morrow and Company, Inc. New York1-86350-172-X
2.The Magic of Conflict
Turning a Life of Work into a Work of Art
Thomas F Crum © 1987Touchstone0-684-85448-1


S/N NAME OF BOOK AuthorPublisher/SourceISBN
1.Knowledge For Action
A Guide to Overcoming Barriers To Organisational Change
Chris Argyris © 1999Josse-Bass Inc. Publishers1-55542-519-4
2.On Organisational LearningChris Argyris © 1992, 1994Blackwell Publishers Inc.1-55786-663-5



S/N NAME OF BOOK AuthorPublisher/SourceISBN
1.Dialogue at Work: Skills for leveraging Collective UnderstandingGlenna Gerard & Linda Ellinor © 2001Pegasus Communications, Inc.1-883823-56-0
2.Outlearning the Wolves

Surviving and Thriving in a Learning Organisation

David Hutchens © 1998Pegasus Communications, Inc.1-883823-50-1
3.Zapp! The Lightning of EmpowermentWilliam C. Byham with Jeff Cox © 1988, 1998The Ballantine Publishing Group0-449-00282-9

Advanced Beginner

S/N NAME OF BOOK AuthorPublisher/SourceISBN
1.The Magic of Dialogue
Transforming Conflict into Cooperation
Daniel Yankelovitch © 1998Nicholas Brealey Publishing1-85788-256-3
2.Terms of Engagement

Changing the way we change organisations

Richard H. Axelrod © 2000Berrett-Koehler Publishers, Inc.1-57675-239-9


S/N NAME OF BOOK SAuthorPublisher/SourceISBN
1.Dialogue and the Art of Thinking TogetherWilliam Isaacs © 1999Doubleday0-385-47999-9
Rediscover the Transforming Power of Conversation
Linda Ellinor and Glenna Gerard © 1998John Wiley & Sons, Inc.0-471-17466-1
3.On DialogueDavid Bohm © 1996Routledge0-415-14912-6



S/N NAME OF BOOK AuthorPublisher/SourceISBN
1.Billibonk & The Big ItchPhilip Ramsey © 1998Pegasus Communications, Inc.
2.Billibonk & The Thorn PatchPhilip Ramsey © 1997Pegasus Communications, Inc.
3.Frankl’s “Big Itch” Fieldbook
Including tips for introducing Systems Thinking to children!
Philip Ramsey © 1999Pegasus Communications, Inc.
4.Frankl’s “Thorn Patch” Fieldbook
Including tips for introducing Systems Thinking to children!
Philip Ramsey © 1998Pegasus Communications, Inc.
5.Introduction to Systems ThinkingDaniel H. Kim © 1999Pegasus Communications, Inc.1-883823-34-X
6.The Art of Systems Thinking

Essential skills for creativity and problem-solving

Joseph O’Connor and Ian McDermott © 1997Thorsons an imprint of HarperCollins Publisher0-7725-3442-6
7.The Tip of the Iceberg
Managing the Hidden Forces That can make or break your organisation
David Hutchens © 2001Pegasus Communications, Inc.1-883823-51-X
8.Toward Learning Organisations
Integrating Total Quality Control and Systems Thinking
Daniel H. Kim © 1997Pegasus Communications, Inc.1-883823-13-7
9.When a Butterfly Sneezes
A guide for helping kids explore interconnections in our world through
Linda Booth Sweeney © 2001Pegasus Communications, Inc.1-883823-52-8
10The Systems ThinkerOnline VersionPegasus Communications
Managed by the Omidyar Group

Advanced Beginner

S/N NAME OF BOOK AuthorPublisher/SourceISBN
1.Designing a Systems Thinking Intervention

A Strategy for Leveraging Change

Michael Goodman, Richard Karash, Colleen Lannon, Kellie Wardman O’Reilly, Don Seville  © 1997Pegasus Communications, Inc.1-883823-14-5
2.Systems Archetypes Basics
From Story to Structure
Daniel H. Kim and Virginia Anderson  © 1998Pegasus Communications, Inc.1-883823-18-8
3.Systems Archetypes I
Diagnosing Systemic Issues and Designing High-Leverage Interventions
Daniel H. Kim © 1994, 2000Pegasus Communications, Inc.
4.Systems Archetypes II
Using Systems Archetypes to Take Effective Action
Daniel H. Kim © 1994, 2000Pegasus Communications, Inc.1-883823-05-6
5.Systems Archetypes III
Understanding Patterns of Behaviour and Delay
Daniel H. Kim © 2000Pegasus Communications, Inc.1-883823-49-8
6.Systems Thinking Basics

From Concepts to Causal Loops

Virginia Anderson and Lauren Johnson © 1997Pegasus Communications, Inc.1-883823-12-9
7.Systems Thinking Tools
A User’s Reference Guide

Additional Reference:
The Systems Thinker

Daniel H. Kim © 1994, 2000Pegasus Communications, Inc.1-883823-02-1
8.The “Thinking” in Systems Thinking
Seven Essential Skills
Barry Richmond © 2000Pegasus Communications, Inc.1-883823-48-X
9.The Power and Beauty of Structure: Moving Organisations from Oscillation and Advancement (Video)Robert Fritz © 1996Pegasus Communications, Inc.

The Systems Thinking in Action Conference

10.The Tipping Point
How little things can make a big difference
Malcolm Gladwell © 2000Little, Brown and Company0-349114-46-3


S/N NAME OF BOOK AuthorPublisher/SourceISBN
1.Anxiety in the Workplace
Using Systems Thinking to Deepen Understanding
Janet M. Gould, John J Voyer, and David Ford © 1997Pegasus Communications, Inc.
2.Collected Papers of Jay W. ForresterJay W. Forrester © 1975Productivity Press1-56327-192-3
3.Elements of the Systems Dynamics MethodEdited by Jorgen Randers © 1980Productivity Press0-915299-39-9
4.Introduction to System Dynamics ModellingRichardson and Pugh © 1989, 1999Pegasus Communications, Inc.1-883823-43-9
5.Managerial Applications of System DynamicsEdward B, Roberts © 1978Pegasus Communications, Inc.1-883823-42-0
6.Modeling for Learning OrgansiationsJohn D.W. Morecroft and John D Sterman © 1994Productivity Press1-56327-250-4
7.Principles of SystemsJay W. Forrester © 1968Pegasus Communications, Inc.1-883823-41-2
8.ReflectionsOnlineSoL Global
9.Study Notes in System DynamicsMichael R, Goodman © 1989Pegasus Communications, Inc.1-883823-40-4
10.The Systems ThinkerOnlineLeverage Networks (formerly Pegasus Communication)


S/N NAME OF BOOK AuthorPublisher/SourceISBN Reference No.
1.Human Dynamics
A New Framework for Understanding People and Realizing the Potential in Our Organisation
Sandra Seagal & David Horne © 1997Pegasus Communications, Inc.1-883823-07-2



S/N NAME OF BOOK AuthorPublisher/SourceISBN
1.Leadership from the Inside Out
Becoming a Leader for Life
Kevin Cashman © 1998Executive Excellence Publishing1-890009-29-6
Choosing Service over Self-Interest
Peter Block © 1993Berrett-Koehler Publishers, Inc.1-881052-86-9
3.The Soul of Corporate Leadership
Guidelines for Values-Centred Governance
William J O’Brien © 1998Pegasus Communications, Inc.1-883823-20-X

Advanced Beginner

S/N NAME OF BOOK AuthorPublisher/SourceISBN
1.John P. Kotter on What Leaders Really DoJohn P. Kotter © 1999Harvard Business Review0-87584-897-4
2.Leadership is an ArtMax DePree © 1989Dell Publishing0-440-50324-8
3.The New Leaders
Transforming the Art of Leadership Into the Science of Results
Daniel Goleman © 2002Little, Brown


S/N NAME OF BOOK AuthorPublisher/SourceISBN
1.ComplexityMichael WaldropSimon & Schuster
2.On Becoming a Servant Leader (The private writings of Robert K Greenleaf)Greenlead, Robert K. © 1996Jossey-Bass, Inc. Publishers0-7879-2340-6
3.Reflections Learners’ Resource
For learners and practitioners
Article List
SoL North America
4.Servant Leadership

A Journey into the Nature of Legitimate Power and Greatness

Robert K. Greenleaf © 1997Robert K Greenleaf Centre0-8091-2527-7
The Inner Parh of Leadership
Joseph Jaworski © 1996Berret-Koehkler Publishers, Inc.1-57675-031-0
6.The Servant as LeaderRobert K. Greenleaf © 1991Robert K Greenleaf Centre



S/N NAME OF BOOK AuthorPublisher/SourceISBN
1.From the Ground Up

Six Principles for Building the New Logic Coporation

Edward E Lawler III © 1996Jossey-Bass Publishers0-7879-0241-1
2.Hope is not a Method
What Business Leaders can Learn from America’s Army
Gordon R. Sullivan & Miichael V. HarperBroadway Books, New York0-7679-0060-X
3.Making it happenCompiled from The Systems Thinking Newsletter © 1998Pegasus Communications, Inc1-883923-32-3
4.Organisational Learning at Work
Embracing the Challenges of the New Workplace
Compiled from The Systems Thinking Newsletter © 1998Pegasus Communications, Inc1-883823-26-9
5.Reflections On Creating Learning OrganisationsEdited by Kellie T Wardman © 1994Pegasus Communications, Inc1-883823-03-X
6.The 8 Practices of Exceptional Companies

How great organisations make the most of their human assets

Jac Fitz-Enz © 1997AMACOM0-8144-0348-4
7.The Futureproof Corporation
Practical lessons in leadership and innovation for the 21st century
Alan Patching, Denis WaitleyButterworth-Heinemann Asia981-00-8081-6
8.The New Workplace
Transforming the Character and Culture of Our Organisations
Compiled from The Systems Thinking Newsletter © 1998Pegasus Communications, Inc1-883823-25-0
9.The Systems Thinking Approach to Strategic Planning and ManagementStephen G. Haines © 2000CRC Press LLc1-57444-278-3

 Advanced Beginner

S/N NAME OF BOOK AuthorPublisher/SourceISBN
1.Facing the Competition
An organisation mobilizes for Large Scale Change
Nagah Ramadan, Patrick Parker-Roach and Carl Klempner © 1997Pegasus Communications, Inc
2.Learning Organisations
Developing Cultures for Tomorrow’s Workplace
Edited by Sarita Chawla and John Renesch © 1995Productivity Press1-56327-110-9
3.Managing The Rapids
Stories from the Forefront of the Learning Organisation
© 1995Pegasus Communications, Inc1-883823-54-4
4.Organizing For Learning
Strategies for Knowledge Creating and Enduring Change
Daniel H. Kim © 1993Pegasus Communications, Inc1-883823-54-4
5.Rebounding, Rebuilding , Renewing at Shell Oil
A former CEO reflects on large-scale change
Phill Carrol © 1997Pegasus Communications, Inc
6.Rethinking The Fifth Discipline
Learning with the unknowable
Robert Louis Flood © 1999Routledge0-415-18530-0
7.Schools That Learn

A Fifth Discipline Fieldbook for Educators, Parents, and Everyone who cares about Education

Peter Senge © 2000Nicholas Brealey Publishing1-85788-244-X
8.Ten Steps to a Learning OrganisationPeter Kline & Bernard Saunders  © 1998, 1993Great Ocean Publishers0-915556-32-4
9.The Answer To How Is Yes
Acting On What Matters
Peter Block © 2002Berrett-Koehler Publishers, Inc1-57675-168-6
10.The Faster Learning Organisation

Gain and sustain the competitive edge

Bob Guns © 1996Pfieffer & Company0-89384-275-3
11.The Fifth Discipline Fieldbook
Strategies and tools for building a Learning Organisation
Peter Senge, et al. © 1994Nicholas Brealey Publishing1-85788-060-9
12.The Fifth Discipline
The Art and Practice of The Learning Organisation
(online versions)
Peter M. Senge © 1990Currency Dobleday0-385-26095-4
13.The Organisation of the FutureThe Drucker Foundation © 1997Jossey-Bass Publishers0-7879-0303-5
14.The Power of Collaborative Leadership: Lessons for the Learning OrganisationBert Frydman, Iva Wilson, Joanne Wyer © 2000Butterworth-Heinemann0-7506-7268-4
15.The Pursuit of Wow!

Every person’s guide to Topsy-Turvy Times

Top Peters © 1994Excel0-330-34264-9


S/N NAME OF BOOK AuthorPublisher/SourceISBN
1.Birth of the Chaordic AgeDee Hock © 1999Berrett-Koehler Publishers, Inc1-576-75074-4
2.Key Management Ideas

Thinkers that changed the management world

Stuart Crainer © 1998Financial Times Professional Limited0-273-63808-4
3.Management Gurus and Management Fashions
A Dramatistic Inquiry
Brad Jackson © 2001Routledge0-415-24946-5
4.The Age of Heretics

Heroes, outlaws and the Forerunners of Corporate Change

Art Kleiner  © 1996Doubleday0-385-41576-1
5.Systems Thinking

Managing Chaos and Complexity – a Platform for Designing Business Architecture

Jamshid Gharajedaghi © 1996Butterworth-Heinemann0-7506-7163-7
6.The Boundaryless Organisation
Breaking the Chains of Organisational Structure
Ron Ashkenas © 1995Jossey-Bass Inc.0-7879-0113-X
7.The Dance of Change
The Challenges of Sustaining Momentum in Learning Organisations
Peter M Senge © 1999Nicholas Brealey Publishing Limited1-85788-243-1
8.The Living Company
Habits for survival in a turbulent business environment
Arie De Geus © 1997Harvard Business School Press0-87584-782-X

(See also Leadership and Organisational Development Experiences)


S/N NAME OF BOOK AuthorPublisher/SourceISBN
1.Managing Knowledge Workers
New Skills and Attitudes to Unlock the Intellectual Capital in your Organisation
Frances Horibe © 1999John Wiley & Sons Canada Limited0-471-64318-1
2.Reaching for the Knowledge Edge

How the knowing corporation seeks, shares and uses knowledge for strategic advantage

Kenneth J Hatten and Stephen R Rosenthal © 2001AMACOM0-8144-06343-3
3.The Knowledge Management FieldbookWendi R. Bukowitz and Ruth L. Williams © 1999Pearson Eduacation Limited0-273-63882-3
4.Working Knowledge
How Organisations Manage What They Know
Thomas H Davenport
Laurence Prusak © 1998
Harvard Business School Press0-87584-655-6


S/N NAME OF BOOK AuthorPublisher/SourceISBN
1.Fanning the Creative SpiritMaria & Charlie Girsch © 1999Creativity Central0-9676503-6-4
2.Innovation on Demand
How to benefit from the coming deluge of change: make creativity work for you and your company
Allen Fahden © 1993The Illeterati0-9629663-1-2
3.Why Asians are Less creative than WesternersNg Aik Kwang © 2001Prentice Hall0-13-040475-6


S/N NAME OF BOOK AuthorPublisher/SourceISBN
1.Leadership and the New Science: Discovering Order in a Chaotic WorldMargaret J. Wheatley © 1999Berret-Koehkler Publishers, Inc.1-57675-055-8
The Art of Strategic Conversation
Kees Van Der Heihden © 1996John Wiley & Sons0-471-99639-8
3.The Art of the Long View
Planning for the Future in an Uncertain World
Peter Schwatz © 1999John Wiley & Sons0-471-97785-3
4.The Minding Organisation
Bring the Future to the Present and Turn Creative Ideas into Business Solution
Moshe F Rubinstein and Iris R. Firstenberg © 1999John Wiley & Sons0-471-34781-7


S/N NAME OF BOOK AuthorPublisher/SourceISBN
1.Coaching for PerformanceJohn Whitmore © 1992, 1993, 1994, 1996Nicholas Brealey Publishing Limited1-85788-170-2
2.The Corporate Coach
How to Build a Team of Loyal Customers and Happy Employees
James B Miller  © 1993HarperCollins0-88730-685-3



S/N NAME OF BOOK AuthorPublisher/SourceISBN
1.Facilitation Skills
Helping Groups Make Decision
Gregory Bryan Putz © 2002Deep Space Technology Company0-9664456-1-9
2.How to Make Meetings Work!

The New Interaction Method

Michael Doyle and David Straus © 1976Berkley0-425-13870-4
3.The Art of FacilitationDale Hunter, Anne Bailey, Bill Taylor © 1995Fisher Books1-55561-101-X
4.The Perfect MeetingDavid Sharman © 1993Wings Books0-517-10138-6

Advanced Beginner

S/N NAME OF BOOK AuthorPublisher/SourceISBN
1.Facilitator’s Guide to Participatory Decision-MakingSam Kaner © 1996New Society Publishers0-86571-347-2
2.The Conflict Management Skills Workshop
A Trainer’s Guide
Bill Withers © 2002Amacom0-8144-7092-0
3.The Practical Guide to Facilitation

A self-study resources

John D Farrel and Richard G Weaver © 2000HRD Press1-57675-095-7
4.The Skilled Facilitator
Practical Wisdom for Developing Effective Groups
Roger M. Schwarz © 1994Jossey-Bass Inc., Publishers1-55542-638-7
5.Turning Training into LearningSheila W. Furjanic and Laurie A. Trotman © 2000Amacom0-8144-0519-3


S/NNAME OF BOOK AuthorPublisher/SourceISBN
1.Flawless Consulting
A Guide to Getting Your Expertise Used
Peter Block © 1981Jossey-Bass/Pfeiffer0-89384-052-1
2.Organisational Consulting
A Gestalt Approach
Edwin C Nevis © 1987, 1998GICPress0-89876-124-7
3.The Courage to Teach
Exploring the Inner Landscape of a Teacher’s Life
Parker J Palmer © 1998Jossey-Bass Publishers0-7879-1058-9


1. 100 Training Games

Perfect for developing abilities in communication, teamwork, initiative, creativity, stress & time management.

2. 102 Extra Training Games

A collection of training games for trainer’s & educators to enhance performance at work. Focus on developing team work, communications & perception skills in a recreational way.

3. 103 Additional Training Games

Designed to be relevant & unintimidating. Suitable for trainers, facilitators, human resource manager & consultants to expand their collection of proven ideas & learning exercise.

4. 201 Icebreakers

Helps to “break-the-ice” among participants at the beginning of meeting or to recharge participants on the brink of boredom.  It requires little or no preparation time and can be completed in less than 5 minutes.

5. Advanced Games for Trainers

Powerful interventions for solving team, group & organizational problems. Designs are devoted to changing hidden attitudes, assumptions & values that people seldom even acknowledge.

6. Brain Games!

Ready-to-use Activities that Make Thinking Fun

7. Brain Teasers for Team Leaders

Warm up a group or team quickly and get them mentally focused. It’s also a great icebreaker for members getting together for the first time.

8. Brain Teasers!

Over 180 quick activities and worksheets

9. Creativity Games for Trainers

Innovative & entertaining games to enhance creativity in any organizational setting. Complete with list of required & optional materials, time recommendations, reproducible handouts, follow-up discussion questions & other essentials information.

10. Diversity – Games

A SUPER ICEBREAKER! Offers sound methodology for understanding differences in thinking styles. Come with excellent facilitator guide and game pieces for up to 25 players.

11. Engaging Ideas

The Professor’s Guide to Integrating Writing, Critical Thinking, and Active Learning

12. Fun & Games for Workplace Learning

Compilation of 40 original Australian designs relevant to current workplace learning needs. Provide information on exercise as well as guiding through selecting, running & debriefing activities to achieve particular learning outcome.

13. Fun and Gains

A collection of energetic & stimulating ways to getting the best out of everyone & allowing to have fun in the process. Include CD-Rom of 46 useful tools & certificate that can be print out to use or present to the winners.

14. Games Trainers Play

Get any training session off the ground fast. Proven activities in the best-selling series, these brilliant offbeat, unexpected, disarming, fully reproducible games have 1 serious mission: to coax even the most reluctant groups to talk, laugh, think & work together.

15. Handbook of Leadership Training Activities

Expert-developed & ready-to-use activities that teach visioning, coaching, team leadership, customer focus, managing change, empowering & motivating employee, managing processes & project management skills.

16. Learning Through Fun and Games

40 simulations & games designed to motivate; develop communication skills; encourage critical thinking, analysis, problem identification & solving; provoke attitude change; greater understanding & participation in personal & organizational development; promote self-awareness & develop leadership potential.

17. Quality Games for Trainers

101 playful lessons in quality & continuous improvement. Include a fully scripted mini-lecture, ways to stir up interest and encourage trainee participant, reproducible handouts and discussion questions.

18. Team Workout

Provide facilitators, trainers & leaders a wide variety of tools to increase team effectiveness, upgrade skills and knowledge. Focuses on virtual teams, trust building, customer satisfaction, recognition & respect.

19. The Big Book of Humorous Training Games

Witty & engaging games to create memorable lessons. Include customer service, teambuilding, creative problem solving, time management etc..

20. The Big Book of Icebreaker

Quick, fun activities designed to help leaders start every session, meeting, presentation or workshop with a burst of energy.

21. The Big Book of Meeting Games

75 short, challenging & fun activities to accomplish specific meeting objectives. Transform intimidating facilitation & decision -making tools into quick, engaging activities that can be used successfully in any business context.

22. The Complete Games Trainers Play

Virtually pack with everything need to conduct productive seminars & workshops. Include games that help build teams, teach creative problem-solving skills, change perspective and much more.

23. The Systems Thinking Playbook

Ideal for facilitators working with aspiring systems thinkers.

24. The Team-Building Workshop: A Trainer’s Guide

Create the ultimate team, showing how to assess a team’s resources, generating a true commitment to team building & achieving measurable results.

25. Training Games for the Learning Organization

Help participants to learn in teams, put aside old ways of thinking, become more open with one another and better grasp on how their organization really operates.


1.The Science of ParentingMargot SunderlandDK-13: 978-1-4053-1486-2
-10: 1-4053-1486-8
2.Toto-Chan The Little Girl in the Window Kuroyanagi, Tetsuko, 1933-Kodansha International4770025947

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